Pan Celtic Resources

  • Every Ogham Thing on the Web
  • Celtic Literature Collective - Mythological, legal and historical texts on-line
  • The Four Branches of the Mabinogi
  • Scholarly Resources about the Goddess Epona
  • BBC Information on the Mabinogi
  • Greek Resources

  • The Theoi Project
  • Classical Myths
  • The Perseus Library
  • Ancient Greek Religion
  • Hands-on Hellenism
  • Norse Resources


    Roman Resources

  • Nova Romana
  • Slavic Resources

  • This site has a very good overview of the cosmology and folklore of the Slavic lands
  • A scholarly look at Eastern Slavic paganism
  • A nice resource of pre-Christian Slavic religions, including gods and goddesses and good links
  • Networking Organizations

  • The Druid Network
  • The Pagan Federation - UK
  • Witchvox
  • Association of Polytheist Traditions - UK
  • Pentacle Magazine (includes online forums and resources)
  • Pagan Federation - South Central Region
  • Oakleaf Circle - Pagan Information, Resources, Links and Networking in the UK