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Brighid's Cross Making 2006


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Puanepsia 2006


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Samhain 2007


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Lughnasadh 2007


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Anadikia 2007


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Butser Farm 2006


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Anthesteria 2007


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Incense Making February 2008


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Summer Solstice 2006


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Lughnasadh 2006


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Spring Equinox 2008


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The Wicker Man at Butser Ancient Farm 2006140 viewsThe Druids of Hollow Hills Protogrove went to Butser Ancient Farm to see the annual burning of the wicker man. This is the wicker man prior to Burning!
Folks making Brighid's Crosses 2006139 viewsWe had an Arts Meeting, run by Kevin, and he taught us how to make Brighid's Crosses, which we hang in our homes to protect against fires.
Finished Brighid's Cross85 views
The pristine Anadikia altar before the ritual103 viewsAltar for Anadikia ritual 14 July 2007

This ritual is called Anadikia, which means 'renewal of an action', because it marks the end of an annual cycle and the beginning of another. It's based on the Athenian celebration of their new year. We honoured Zeus and Hekate in their roles as Soter and Soteria, which concerns deliverance, safety and preservation. We will gave thanks for the year behind us and sought a blessing for the year ahead.
The white cloths cover the offerings. Doreen Taylor's statues are the ones of Artemis of Ephesus. Hermes, Artemis, Athena on a jug and and an Athenian owl (one small one in brass and another as pottery). Kevin Taylor put out two representations of Demeter.

Samhain Crow66 viewsThis is the crow Kevin Taylor made for Samhain 2007. He came up with the pattern, we both used glue coated newspaper to cover it. Catriona gave her aesthetic opinions as we were making it. It had an opening at the top where people during the ritual could put notes to their beloved dead. The wings even moved up and down and were painted with blue and black luminescent paint! It was burned as an offering to the Morrighan during part of the ritual.
Green Man Carving75 viewsBeautiful Green Man carving done by Hollow Hills Protogrove member, Tior.
Butser Farm Wicker Man 2006104 viewsEvery year Butser Ancient Farm burns a wicker man for their Beltane celebration. The members of Hollow Hills Protogrove attended. The wicker man is huge and this is a photo of him fully engulfed.
Incense Making115 viewsLucy making incense

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Sacred Fire with offering189 viewsOur sacred fire with a phallic offering for Dionysos.

Give way! Make room
For the God! For it's His will
To stride exuberantly
Erect through the middle

-- Semos in Athenaios XIV 622B (Kerenyi, p. 287)
Mar 30, 2008
Spring Equinox 2008 Altar208 viewsAltar- on the altar are offerings of honey, figs, barley, wine, mead (for the Waters of Life), more wine, incense, ivy, flowers, statues of Dionysos and Hermes (our gatekeeper) and a large libation bowl. The Honda lawnmower had no part in this particular ritual.

Our ritual was dedicated to Dionysos, god of wine, drama, poetry, vegetation/trees and inspired madness.

Homeric Hymn 26 to Dionysus :
"I begin to sing of Dionysos ivy-crowned (kissokomes) the loud-crying (eribromos), splendid son of Zeus and glorious Semele. The rich-haired Nymphai received him in their bosoms from the lord his father and fostered and nurtured him carefully in the dells of Nysa, where by the will of his father he grew up in a sweet-smelling cave, being reckoned among the immortals. But when the goddesses had brought him up, a god oft hymned, then began he to wander continually through the woody coombes, thickly wreathed with ivy and laurel. And the Nymphai followed in his train with him for their leader; and the boundless forest was filled with their outcry. And so hail to you, Dionysos god of abundant clusters (polystaphylos)! Grant that we may come again rejoicing to this season, and from that season onwards for many a year."

Mar 30, 2008
Close up of Spring Equinox 2008 altar173 viewsDionysos was our main deity and Hermes was our gatekeeper deity.Mar 30, 2008
Spring Equinox 2008303 viewsTior and Dean admire the phallus we made in honour of Dionysos. Mar 30, 2008
Bread Phallus293 viewsWe made a bread phallus in honour of Dionysos for Spring Equinox 2008. Born from the thigh of Zeus (Zeus had been tricked into killing his mother with a thunderbolt), Dionysos is the god of vegetable life, especially the grapevine and ivy. As such he is the god of wine, fertility and poetry and the theatre
One of his attributes is the phallus, especially the erect phallus
Mar 30, 2008
Another wine offering206 viewsTior gives an offering of wine to the fire in honour of Hestia!Mar 30, 2008
Spear Lughnasadh 2006195 viewsSpear decorated by members of Hollow Hills Protogrove in honour of the Irish God Lugh. Photo by Rebecca Alexander. Feb 25, 2008
Frankincense192 viewsFrankincense burning as an example of one resin used in incense making.Feb 24, 2008