We believe in outlining the benefits to becoming a member of Hollow Hills Grove, ADF and our parent organization, Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) so that prospective members can determine if membership is something they wish to pursue.

Hollow Hills Grove, ADF Membership Benefits

Membership criteria for joining Hollow Hills Grove, ADF can be found in our Bylaws.

Members can:

* Help plan the schedule and choose classes to be taught and subjects to discuss at Lore and Arts Meetings.

* Attend members' only events like moon rituals, outings and social events.

* Have access to password protected part of website (which is a work in progress to be added to by members)

* Have access to members' only mailing list.

* Take speaking parts in rituals and lead rituals for the group.

* Have a voice in the direction and future of the Grove. Vote on bylaws and memberships and other topics relating to Hollow Hills Grove

ADF Membership Benefits

ADF Members can::

* Become full members of Hollow Hills Grove, ADF:

* Hold an elected office in Hollow Hills when we reach Grove status. :

* Receive introductory training in the ADF tradition. :

* Advance to specialized training in any of several fields including clergy, seers, healers, bards, ritual leaders, artisans, etc. :

* Receive materials including ADF's membership guide and Dedicant manual:

* Participate in ADF's international online community with access to members' website and e-mail lists:

* Access ADF's publications (like Oak Leaves magazine) online:

* Join Guilds, Kins and Special Interest Groups based on your cultural interests, skills, hobbies, etc. :

* Hold an office in ADF:

* Have a voice in the direction and future of ADF as a whole. Vote on international officers and other topics. :

To find out more about ADF please visit the website at: