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Yule 2010

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

On 18th December 2010, Hollow Hills celebrated the Winter Solstice with Slavic deities for the ritual.

Our honoured deity for the occasion was Dažbog, a Slavic solar deity, a very apt choice in welcoming the return of the sun. The ritual was held inside, in front of a blazing log fire, also very traditionally symbolic at Yule in welcoming heat and light back to the earth and into our lives.

Perun, Slavic god of thunder and lightning,  was invited to be our gatekeeper, Mokosh, goddess of fertility, shearing, spinning and weaving, was chosen to represent Mother Earth. Domoviye (singular: domovoi) were also honoured, as these are house spirits in Slavic folklore, typically represented as small masculine beings, often completely covered in hair.

Offerings of Polish vodka were given, and members made Yule pomanders from oranges and cloves as tributes to the sun-god.

The weather over the Yule period was extremely cold and harsh, with severe snowfall in many parts of the UK. However, a few days after our ritual, the snow began to melt and temperatures rose slightly. Perhaps we can take this as a sign from Dažbog that our offerings were accepted and in return he has graced us with the first tendrils of warmth dispersing the icy chills of winter?