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Imbolc 2011

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Hollow Hills Imbolc ritual dedicated to Brigit was held on Sunday 6th February 2011, with 3 full grove members and 3 guests present. As is usual for our Imbolc ritual, we held it inside, before a blazing open log fire.

Opening the ritual with an offering to the Earth Mother of flowers, we then called upon Brigid, in her Goddess of Creativity aspect, to bestow bardic assistance upon us and offered her whiskey poured upon the fire.

Whiskey was offered to honour the fire, as well as Ogma, our chosen gate-keeper, and the three kindreds. The Outsiders were given beer, taken into the garden, in the hopes of leaving us in peace during the rite, and a crystal offered to honour the sacred well, and flaked barley for the sacred tree.

The omen was drawn from the Green Man Tree Oracle deck, which was a brand new deck, never used before. The three cards drawn were as follows:

Nature spirits: Holly – symbolising passions fuelling action and heeding us to temper passion into a useful, positive action, rather than letting one’s heart rule one’s head in a negative manner, and to consider the implications of our actions.

Ancestors: Birch – birch tells us that foundations are important and if we make a good start with whatever we undertake, the outcome will be our desired result. Birch drives out negative spirits enabling us to make a fresh start – appropriate for spring as this is the time of new beginnings.

Deities: Willow – this represents harmony, flow, vitality, connectivity and inspiration. The deities are telling us to be connected to them, and each other, and the world around us, and to access inspiration and be transformed. Another very apt card as Brigid is also a goddess of inspiration.

Our formal work was the welcoming of Brigid into our homes, and to accept a piece of Brigid’s blessed mantle. We asked for healing for loved ones, and protection for those about to enter perilous situations.

The ritual complete, deities and spirits thanked, we headed towards our regular post-rite feast to enjoy the company of friends once again.