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Spear Lughnasadh 2006195 viewsSpear decorated by members of Hollow Hills Protogrove in honour of the Irish God Lugh. Photo by Rebecca Alexander.
Lughnasadh 2007 Altar156 viewsThe Lughnasadh altar was set up with bread and butter, lots of beer, blackberries for Lugh , corn dollies, Irish Whiskey, incense, corn, apples and other offerings. The Druid in Charge for this ritual was Doreen Taylor.
Corn Dolly to represent Lugh106 viewsThis is a Corn Dolly we made to represent the many-skilled Irish God, Lugh. We burned the Corn Dolly as an offering for our 2007 Lughnasadh ritual.
Corn Dolly to represent Tailtiu86 viewsThis is a Corn Dolly we made to represent an Irish Goddess of the Land, Tailtiu for our Lughnasadh ritual. The dolly was burned as an offering.
Spear of Destiny68 viewsFor our Lughnasadh ritual in 2006 we honoured the Irish all-skilled god Lugh, who carries a Spear of Destiny. In honour of Lugh we decorated our own spear with flowers and ribbons. Doreen Taylor was Druid in Charge of this ritual. Photo by Rebecca Alexander.
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