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Apollo Statue on our altar at Anadikia78 viewsWe freely give offerings at our rituals and at times we are a bit enthusiastic when pouring into our libation bowl, as you can see by the wine splattered Apollo statue.
Altar for Puanepsia 200673 viewsPuanepsia is a festival in honour of Bright Apollo at the time of the autumn fruit gathering. This is also the time of Oskhophoria, a festival celebrating the vine harvest. In addition to giving thanks for the year's harvest we seek a blessing on the seeds for the next season.

Blessing Branches Puanepsia 200670 viewsWe made little blessing branches because it's a tradition in Greece to go from door to door giving out branches in return for beans as "payment". The branches are laurel, sacred to Apollo, and have charms on them. The charms on them are a bunch of grapes, a goblet and a harp - in honour of Apollo.
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