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Spring Equinox 2008 Altar208 viewsAltar- on the altar are offerings of honey, figs, barley, wine, mead (for the Waters of Life), more wine, incense, ivy, flowers, statues of Dionysos and Hermes (our gatekeeper) and a large libation bowl. The Honda lawnmower had no part in this particular ritual.

Our ritual was dedicated to Dionysos, god of wine, drama, poetry, vegetation/trees and inspired madness.

Homeric Hymn 26 to Dionysus :
"I begin to sing of Dionysos ivy-crowned (kissokomes) the loud-crying (eribromos), splendid son of Zeus and glorious Semele. The rich-haired Nymphai received him in their bosoms from the lord his father and fostered and nurtured him carefully in the dells of Nysa, where by the will of his father he grew up in a sweet-smelling cave, being reckoned among the immortals. But when the goddesses had brought him up, a god oft hymned, then began he to wander continually through the woody coombes, thickly wreathed with ivy and laurel. And the Nymphai followed in his train with him for their leader; and the boundless forest was filled with their outcry. And so hail to you, Dionysos god of abundant clusters (polystaphylos)! Grant that we may come again rejoicing to this season, and from that season onwards for many a year."

Anadikia altar AFTER the ritual85 viewsAfter the ritual there was barley everywhere, honey and oil on the altar, poppy seeds scattered everywhere, and wine splattered on the statues. Hollow Hills really gets into our rituals!!!
Lughnasadh 2007 Altar156 viewsThe Lughnasadh altar was set up with bread and butter, lots of beer, blackberries for Lugh , corn dollies, Irish Whiskey, incense, corn, apples and other offerings. The Druid in Charge for this ritual was Doreen Taylor.
Summer Solstice Ritual Space 200689 viewsThis is the ritual space including the altar, well and fire for our Sumemr Solstice ritual 2006 honouring Irish goddess Airmid.
Summer Solstice Altar 2006108 viewsThis is a photo of the Altar we used for Summer Solstice. We honoured the Irish healing Goddess, Airmid, and we blessed smudge sticks that we made in a workshop a couple of weeks earlier. Druid in Charge of this ritual was Doreen Taylor.
Altar For Fall Equinox 2007103 viewsThis is a photo of our altar at our Hellenic Fall Equinox ritual in 2007. Our main Deity of the Occasion was Demeter.
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