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Anthesteria Altar73 viewsThe Anthestêria is a Festival of Flowers (Anthê) for Dionysos Anthios (also Antheus and Euanthês - Fair-flowering), the Blooming God. For, as Ovid (Fasti 5.345) says, "Bacchus loves flowers," which herald His arrival by their appearance in the spring.

This is the time when the fermentation of the wine is complete and the new wine is ready to drink, and so we make a first-fruit offering, but it is also the time when the vines are pruned in preparation for the next season. Therefore the Anthestêria is also the most important Festival of the Dead, for we appreciate the beauty and fruits of the Earth, the delights of wine, and indeed all pleasures, the most when we salute the Dead.

We honoured Dionysos with flowers, grapes, wine and a drinking contest! We poured more olive oil than ever before. The altar looked beautiful with flowers and ivy and grapes and offering bowls. This ritual was led by Via Baker.
Anthesteria Altar67 viewsA closeup of our Anthesteria altar 2007.
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