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Cimininea after Anadikia ritual94 viewsWe freely give offerings of wine, honey and other substances during our rituals - in libation bowls and directly into the fire. As you can see, we do this with great gusto - our chiminea was covered in wine, olive oil and honey.
Apollo Statue on our altar at Anadikia78 viewsWe freely give offerings at our rituals and at times we are a bit enthusiastic when pouring into our libation bowl, as you can see by the wine splattered Apollo statue.
Hekate for Anadikia85 viewsStatue of Hekate splattered with wine for our Anadikia ritual. We got a bit enthusiastic in making wine offerings!
Anadikia altar AFTER the ritual85 viewsAfter the ritual there was barley everywhere, honey and oil on the altar, poppy seeds scattered everywhere, and wine splattered on the statues. Hollow Hills really gets into our rituals!!!
The Goddess Hestia113 viewsA photo of our representation of the Greek hearth goddess Hestia.
The pristine Anadikia altar before the ritual103 viewsAltar for Anadikia ritual 14 July 2007

This ritual is called Anadikia, which means 'renewal of an action', because it marks the end of an annual cycle and the beginning of another. It's based on the Athenian celebration of their new year. We honoured Zeus and Hekate in their roles as Soter and Soteria, which concerns deliverance, safety and preservation. We will gave thanks for the year behind us and sought a blessing for the year ahead.
The white cloths cover the offerings. Doreen Taylor's statues are the ones of Artemis of Ephesus. Hermes, Artemis, Athena on a jug and and an Athenian owl (one small one in brass and another as pottery). Kevin Taylor put out two representations of Demeter.

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