Hello and welcome to the Hollow Hills Grove, ADF website.

*** We are currently seeking new attendees for our rituals and classes and are a very welcoming group. Please feel free to contact us! ***

Hollow Hills Grove is an ADF Druid Grove in Hampshire in the Aldershot/Farnborough/Farnham area and we are officially recognized by Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship

Hollow Hills Grove is a place to become close to the Gods and Goddesses, the land, the spirits of old, and to meet and grow with people of like-minded beliefs. We welcome you and invite you to join with us. We are open and inclusive.

We are a very friendly, laughter-filled group who accept first-timers, beginners to the path, or experienced pagans. We believe that rituals should be fun as well as meaningful and the two CAN go hand in hand. As well as the deities, we honour the Ancestors and the Spirits of the Land (also called the Nature Spirits.) In ADF terms, the triad of deities, ancestors, and nature spirits is called the "Three Kindreds".

The Ancestors are those who have gone before us and who have contributed to who we are. They do not have to be blood ancestors to be honoured; they can also be those who have gone before us who have contributed to our society.

The Spirits of the Land (Nature Spirits) are those beings that are tied closely to natural locations. This is an ancient land and we honour those spirits who have been here for generations as well as those that walk, crawl, swim and fly in our natural world. We make offerings to those nameless ones who gather around us and try to understand them as best we are able.

Who can attend rituals?

ANYBODY! Hollow Hills Grove celebrates open, public rituals; there are no membership requirements, initiations, or other prerequisites. Any and all who wish to worship the Gods and Goddesses may join us for that purpose. We do have a study program, called the Dedicant Path, for those who wish to further their experience with ADF Druidry. We are looking for those who are looking for a spiritual home or those who just want to attend rituals with those who believe in the old ways. Eight times a year, we celebrate the turning of the seasons in solemn, yet joyful rituals that are open to all people of like mind. We also meet regularly to discuss a number of topics relevant to Neo-Pagan Druidry in a fun and casual environment.

We also offer Blessing Rites and Lore and Arts Meetings. See our schedule and calendar on our website for more information.